Signs of a good SEO company

best indian seo companyThe internet has brought the world at our fingertips. The age of Information is here and no one is complaining because of the way data is instantly available to everyone. One of the most important things related to the Internet and the way you view web content is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This plays a vital role in making online content visible to viewers. To make web content even more viable, there are companies that help businesses in achieving the same. In India, there is a lot of competition among these companies to be the best indian seo company.

The important question is what goes into the making of a good SEO company? There have to be some universal characteristics that one should look for. What are the features that are a prerequisite?

The first feature should be the profile of the company. That will be determined by the rankings that a website has while searching for a particular keyword. The kind of websites handled by that company will tell you about its work. The activity of the company will also tell you a lot. Its employees should always be in touch with the clients updating them of progress and giving them captivating suggestions regarding keywords, advertisement, etc. Another thing that would go into the making of the best indian seo company would be the kind of methods used by the company. Some providers use “black hat” techniques which are against Google and might lead to your website being taken down. Black hat techniques would mean using methods like invisible text, spamming and doorway pages.

With the burgeoning of newer websites every day, the task of these providers is becoming crucial. All the businesses today are very dependent on their online presence and SEO companies are the ones that make it possible for them to be visible on the big World Wide Web. This is because user traffic is all important for a business; so more visitors to a website mean more business for the company too.

Things to look out for

Always remember to ask your SEO firm as to how they achieve their results. Don’t be taken in by promises which sound too good to be true. They should be able to give you an overview of their strategies and methods to get high search engine rankings.

Get a look at their earlier work online. If possible, talk to some of their earlier clients to get feedback about customer satisfaction. To do professional search engine optimization takes hours of hard work and there is no easy way.

Beware of prices which are too low. While you might be thrilled at a cheap rate, always remember that lower prices also mean lower grade work. Don’t go in for the one-man projects because professional search engine optimization takes the efforts of a full team to run well. The best indian seo company will have positions like link ninjas, content writers, web designers, etc.

Top qualities that a freelance web designer must possess

best SEO company in IndiaIn today’s tech savvy and internet addicted world, there is a constant and growing need for web designers. While some prefer to work with well developed web design companies, others prefer to work on their own terms and take up freelance web designing projects. It goes without saying that as a freelance web designer,you must be versatile and willing to adapt yourself to the changing internet trends. Besides, at times, you may also have to help your clients in terms of SEO with the help from the best SEO company in India. Besides, there are also certain qualities that you must possess before you venture into the area of freelance web designing where competition is high and the chances of committing mistakes are slim.

1.)    Have a liking towards your work:

If you are taking up the freelance web designing job to simply kill time and make a few extra bucks, you must contemplate taking up some other hobby. Web designing is a serious business and it calls for the freelance web designer to be a hundred percent dedicated to their work. You must be passionate about your work. It is this passion that will motivate you to achieve great things in the realm of web designing. Your passion for web designing should reflect in your work that you offer to the clients. This combined with practical application of SEO with the help from the best SEO company in India will instinctively attract more clients.

2.)    Ensure that your portfolio is a compilation of your best works:

You portfolio is what your potential clients will refer to, to get an idea of the type of work that you undertake. Therefore, it is important that your portfolio displays the work that you are proud of. This will help build credibility among your clients and they will be willing to work with you. However, as a newcomer, getting a good portfolio ready can seem like a daunting task. The best way to counter this problem is by offering your services to friends, family and acquaintances. You can also consider designing a website for charity organisations and NGO for free of cost in the initial stages. You must push yourself to the limits and create a portfolio that speaks volumes about your potential.

3.)    Create a network and get in touch with important people:

You may be excellent at what you do; however, if people are unaware of your existence, it will do you and your talent absolutely no good. You must consider networking with the best SEO company in India or where you are based and help your clients with additional SEO facilities. Besides, you must ask your loved ones to spread the word. It is an excellent idea to attend web design community meetings. It is through these events and seminars that you will get an incredible amount of exposure that will throw open your abilities to a wide spectrum of people, thus helping you in the long run.


Counteracting Panda Update

best seo companies in indiaEvery now and then, Google search algorithm has introduced a plenty of changes that has made it difficult for web masters and owners to stay afloat with the current trends. Some of these updates and changes brought a considerable impact while the others simply went unnoticed or passed in an affecting manner. The Google Panda Update is one that belongs to the former category. It not only affected the search engine specialists and web site owners dramatically but also shook the even the best SEO companies in India.

What is Panda Update?

Panda is an uncommon update which varies a lot from the otherwise introduced Google updates. One of the most peculiar features about the Panda Update was that it took into account the human reviewers of a particular web site in order to rate it on the search engine ranking pages. A sample of sites is first reviewed by the human reviewers and then based on the pattern of the review; the machines take up the job. This software also employs the same criteria as is adopted by a human reviewer. Therefore, if your business web site or personal blog has been optimized in a form that attracts only bots, then you might be instead hit by lower search engine rankings.

The Panda Google Update was brought in to light with the aim of removing all form of spam and low quality entries from the top positions as well as first pages of search engine results. The content websites were the first to be hit by this update but later on it took many other forms of sites too under its garb. In common, all these web sites had a lot of useless as well as irrelevant content that on account of unfair SEO strategies had been pushed to the top ranks of the search results and pages.

Counteracting Panda

Though adopting any form of SEO strategy that inculcates removal of low graded content and encourages use of upgraded and relevant content, would help warding off the Panda but some special things must always be kept in mind. Some of these are as follows-

1.     Make sure that your web site does not contain more than one page that carries the same key phrase or the keyword. In other words, you must avoid putting multiple pages that contain similar keywords.

2.     Back linking is an important SEO strategy that has been adopted by even the best SEO companies in India. However, quality back links are what matter. Ensure that you are not duplicating links or anchor texts from lower quality web sites or article directories.

3.     Remember, auto generated pages does not in any form relate to quality content. Therefore, get rid of them immediately.

4.     Avoid creating pages that contain just a single or at max two numbers of paragraphs as this can lower your rankings. Remove such pages or try adding more content to them.

5.     According to Panda, scraped content is as useless as the duplicated one. Therefore, stay away from using any form of spun articles.

Convincing Clients of Your SEO Strategies- How To

search engine optimization companiesBusiness is all about fetching profits and acquiring clear results. Hence, there is nothing unusual if your client demands results from you in terms of greater site traffic, increased sales and an improved Search Engine Optimization strategy. Showing immediate results in the SEO world can be a bit challenging as unlike any other sector, in the SEO you cannot attain or deliver any form of instant tangible results just after taking or finishing the project. Optimizing a web site on the search engines and getting it on the front page in the top ranks is no cake walk and it takes time, energy and even money. However, explaining the same and expecting your clients to understand this can be a little tricky at times as clients only demand results and that too quick and instant ones. Here are certain tips which have been compiled by top most search engine optimization companies so as to help you in convincing your clients on this front

1.       Tell them that ROI matters more than Traffic

Several clients, business or web site owners hold the view that web site traffic matters the most when it comes to search engine optimization. However, you need to explain them that this is certainly not the case as there are other more important things than site traffic. Tell them that it is the ROI or the Revenue on Investment that decides the entire game and not really the number of visitors who visit the site. Make your clients understand that ultimately it is the ROI which will estimate that how much you money you extract out of your SEO campaign. Depending on the amount you make only, you can further make editions to or modify your SEO strategy in order to gain more and sell more.

2.       Provide your clients with a clear estimate of the traffic to expect

Expecting traffic out of your SEO campaign is natural as well as understandable. However, expecting the entire World Wide Web traffic to randomly just flow in to your site is certainly insane. Well, the bad news is that many clients expect something similar out of the search engine optimization companies. This is something totally impractical. Therefore, in order to make sure that your client is not getting over board with their expectations of your work, you must give them a prior indication of the amount or scale of traffic you will be able to fetch for their web site in the decided period of contract.

3.       Keep your clients posted about the project progress

Yes, this is indeed one of the most important things to do and yet it is widely missed by many SEO companies. You must always keep your client posted about the progress your SEO campaign has been making on all forms of big or small levels. In this way, the client does not feel out of the loop and understands the challenges you are facing and the efforts you have been putting in. Moreover, it will also help them in keeping patience.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Company

Digital Marketing Company

Throughout the last decade, we have experienced many changes in the way we share information. One of the most important changes has been the emergence of digital as a brand-building medium. Marketing companies at the beginning of internet used to base their strategies in ecommerce and direct response, but now a digital marketing company has to go ‘above the line’ to impress customers with creative ideas directed to Internet, because now people spend more time looking at screens than TVs or listening to radio, or reading printed magazines and newspapers.

Digital media results are not visible immediately in sales, but that is the way it normally works when you are building the image of your brand, or with awareness advertising. The optimal strategy for the best digital marketing company would be to merge offline and online marketing, so they help each other.

It is known that nowadays a media channel doesn’t replace the older ones. Instead, they exist next to each other. For example, you can see the same person, using an iPad, a smartphone and a TV. Media channels are not replacing each other, they are fragmenting.

Digital marketing is generally known as the marketing involving the new channels created by internet and the worldwide web. But these channels are mixing so deeply into each other that it is becoming hard to differentiate offline and online marketing. Print ads with QR codes, radio ads asking for ‘likes’ on Facebook, and so on.

With the start of television, marketers took some time getting used to take it seriously enough to advertise in it. An influential issue was the fact that TV took a while to penetrate every household, but once it did, a great percentage of the advertising budget of all corporations migrated from print to TV. Ad agencies also started investing in creating and delivering appropriate TV ads. Later on, they adapted and were able to work in all types of advertising, TV, radio, press and posters. That is exactly what is happening with digital advertising. Companies are all favouring digital ads, as they are the ‘new thing’. But soon, digital media agencies will start focusing on integrating all the channels of marketing. Then something new will come and the cycle will repeat itself.

The future of every digital marketing agency looks ‘integrated’. The small companies that have been popping up everywhere providing digital services will end up extending their services to offline, or they can also become digital outsourcers for bigger ad agencies. This new future will require adaptation, online and offline teams working together, and new types of organization. Talented, hard-working and well-trained marketers will be needed. But then again, that is the way marketing is, always changing, evolving, keeping up with trends.


Reputation Management Companies – Restoring Sulking Brands the Effective way

Reputation Management Companies The company’s credibility in the market depends upon its market reputation, which is built over a period of time. It is sometimes called as the brand value of the company. The brand value of the company is often assessed through market survey reports by their own personnel, besides surveying through external sources. Based on the assessment report various corrective actions are initiated to correct the anomaly and resurrect the market reputation or even increase the market share. Best Reputation management companies are those that try to prevent any chances of disrepute to the organizations or to minimize it to the least possible extent.

Causes for disrepute to the organization

It sometimes so happens that a specific batch of product that is introduced in the market does not match the quality standards due to the faulty raw material procurement, ingredient, color, taste, packing and the like. It could also be due to the pricing. There is also a possibility that supplies are affected because of labor unrest, difficulties in running the factory created on the account of power problems, change in the import or export policy, transportation strike, natural calamities, etc. which creates a negative impact on the minds of the consumer. Indian Reputation management companies try to overcome this impact bringing the organizational repute to normal. The impact of the consumer is conveyed through various blogs and many social networking sites that are available.

Methodologies adopted by management companies to overcome disrepute

These reputation management companies try to optimize the search engines through company publicized materials, which gives a positive impact to the customer besides publishing testimonials of good feedback about the company. They create many blogs with positive credentials about the organization. They give positive advertisements in different media like newspapers, television channels, radio channels, internet, social networking sites, etc. to give a feel good factor to the consumer. They put in efforts to block, corrupt or damage information in sites, which damage the reputation of the company. Some of them even try to get customer feedback and increase the customer service to bring back the reputation. These companies put extra efforts to publish positive newspaper articles. Loyal customers are specially taken care of by providing some bonus offers which keep the customer base intact.

Justification of such management practices

When we talk about ethics though these are not considered ethical practices, some of them may even find them facing lawsuits in certain circumstances. However, considering the reputation of the organization as the foremost objective these reputation management companiesby selectively choosing tactics, which do not draw to legal complications, come to the rescue of organizations. Many a time they have very successfully restored the brand value and reputation giving credibility to the organization in the eyes of a consumer.

Top tips to follow when designing a parallax scrolling website

top seo company in indiaParallax Scrolling is the latest style in web designing that has gained immense momentum and is every web designer’s current favourite. Although this style is extremely attractive and functional, it does not suit every kind of website and therefore, it is important that you do not cram your website in this layout simply for its popularity.

The advent of technology has left little to imagination. With HTML 5 and CSS 3 you can create extremely interactive websites. Throw in some animation and some SEO with the aid of a top SEO company in India and you have an award winning website. Although incorporating parallax scrolling into a website can make it a fun and enjoyable experience for the user, it can particularly seem like a daunting task to the web designer. Given below are some valuable tips that will ensure that you design this type of a website without any hassles.

1.)    Do not go with the flow:

Simply because parallax scrolling is trending in the graphic design circles does not mean that it is absolutely essential to use it for every website that you design. Sometimes, a simple layout works best for certain websites. All you need is to sign up with a top SEO company in India for SEO capabilities and you are good to go. Always take into consideration the usability of the website when making a parallax scrolling website.

2.)    Excellent for storytelling:

Parallax scrolling is an excellent option for a designer who wishes to convey a story about their client in a fun and interactive way. The scrolling feature can be actively used as a timeline to explain what your website is about. If your client wishes to tell the website visitors something more about his product, you can create a story for the same and incorporate it into the parallax scrolling structure, which will keep the audiences hooked.

3.)    Mobilize your website:

It goes without saying that a majority of the people living on the face of the earth rely on their mobile devices when viewing websites. Therefore, you need to stress on the importance of the flexibility of your website to ensure that it can be viewed on every medium available. Usually, more than half of the parallax scrolling websites that are created are designed only for computer devices and this limits its creativity. Therefore, having a responsive design is a must.

4.)    Induce the visitors to take steps:

A call to action is a must. Usually, visitors are enthralled by the creativity of a parallax scrolling website and therefore it is important that you capitalize on this and ask them to buy your product or avail of your services. It keeps the visitors attracted and due to the freshness of the message, they will certainly be tempted to make a purchase.

5.)    Cross-browser testing is a must:

While you design the website and speak with a top SEO company in India, it is also important that you do not forget to test your website in every browser, especially Internet Explorer.


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The varied benefits of using breadcrumb navigation for your website

top SEO companies in IndiaYou may not realize it but breadcrumb navigation plays a monumental role in ensuring that your web design is user friendly and appealing at the very same time. The top SEO companies in India will also swear by its SEO capabilities and therefore, overlooking this aspect of web designing can cost you immensely. Most people are of the opinion that the absence of breadcrumb navigation will hardly make a difference to their website. This is where they go wrong. If you belong to this group, you must realize that breadcrumb navigation can take the functionality of your website to the next level with its ability to break down the pages without the user having to go all the way back to the main page to access another page. Given below are some of the greatest benefits of using breadcrumb navigation that are recommended by top SEO companies in India.

1.)  The functionality:

Every website is built up using several pages and all these pages fall within a particular hierarchy. Sometimes, an external source may direct you to a particular website’s internal page. It is possible that you may wish to access the other content that is prevalent on this website. Therefore, instead of going back to the homepage of the website, you can make use of the breadcrumb navigation feature to go back to the homepage one step at a time by following the hierarchy of the various web pages. This makes the website more usable.

2.)  You can do away with the use of buttons on the browser for navigation:

The forward and backward buttons on the browser are not very appealing and often, they may not work as per your needs. Besides, in the absence of breadcrumb navigation, you may have to go back to the actual navigation page to get access to every other page. This can not only end up being time-consuming, but it can also be a cause for the sudden drop in traffic as people would prefer a site, the navigation of which is faster and more reliable.

3.)  The availability of hierarchy:

When you visit a website and surf through the internal pages, it is important that you keep a track as to how you got there. This is where breadcrumb navigation can be useful. As opposed to primary navigation, breadcrumb navigation can tell you exactly where you are and therefore, if you wish to go back or forward, you can do so with extreme ease. Enrolling with top SEO companies in India will add to the functionality of your website.

Besides, one of the best aspects of breadcrumb navigation is that it occupies minimum space in the web design layout and with interesting design ideas; this breadcrumb navigation can be given an interesting look to make it more attractive.

In this way, breadcrumb navigation plays a massive role in ensuring that the user-experience is enjoyable. A web design must increasingly aim at simplifying the functionality of a website for good user experience and breadcrumb navigation is the perfect solution for this.

Top tips to help you optimize your flash website for SEO

SEO companies in indiaFlash is an interesting way to garner attention from the people who visit your website. It is attractive and has the ability to capture the visitors’ complete attention. But for the visitors to come across your website, you need the search engines to display your flash website in its search results page. For this purpose, you may consult with the best SEO companies in India to help get your website the much needed spike in visitors. Given below are some simple techniques that will help optimize your flash website using only the white hat SEO techniques.

1.)    Several flash files can help:

As a rule of thumb, refrain from using flash for designing the entire website. One of the reasons why you may be experiencing slow traffic is the simple fact that the Google bots find it difficult to index such sites that have been designed in Flash in its entirety. The best way to counter this problem is by creating several separate flash files instead of one heavy flash file.

2.)    Use HTML on a large scale even if it is a flash file:

You may not realize it but HTML codes do hold value and should therefore be included in your website’s flash files recommend best SEO companies in India. To put it simply, the Google bots tend to read the textual matter that goes behind the making of a website. Besides, if the textual content is included within the HTML codes, it gets more significance over the ones that have been included in flash files.  There is also a difference in the way external links are displayed when using Flash and HTML.

The separate Flash files must contain HTML pages and the inclusion of tags like the image Alt tag, header, title, Meta tags and the likes must form part of the HTML tags.

3.)    When it comes to Navigation, refrain from using Flash:

This is a very important SEO technique that the best SEO companies in India swear by. Using Flash for navigation leads to a considerable amount of confusion. This leads to discomfort when visitors use your website, which can eventually lead to a drastic fall in visitors. Besides, it plays havoc with the web analytics. The accuracy of the data when using flash websites may get tarnished.  Therefore, the web analytics may fail to furnish you with the right details pertaining to the number of visitors and site views. Therefore, as far as SEO is concerned, you must do away with Flash when it comes to site Navigation.

4.)    Accurate Sitemaps are a must:

When your website boasts of a sitemap, the chances of the pages within the website being indexed by search engines increase tenfold. Use XML sitemaps for your Flash websites and make sure that you store them in the root directory.

Following these white hat SEO techniques should help you in your quest to optimize your Flash website.

Is Your SEO Organic or Non-Organic?



Different strokes for different folks.  The old saying holds its significance even in SEO industry. Unlike the earlier trends, drawing traffic to your website today is much more than just good content and good products. With thousands of websites popping up every day, the competition has now stiffened thereby calling for attention to search engine ranking and placement. Subsequently, various diverse methods and styles of web optimization have burst forth.  The real moot issue today at any SEO company is between Organic SEO and Non-Organic SEO.

Organic or Natural SEO chiefly targets link building, content creation, web design and Meta-tags optimization so as to promote search engine visibility. Such an optimization method can be time consuming and wearisome. But since it homes in on high quality content, clearly described meta-tags, link exchanges and keyword enhancement along the lines of search engines, it tends to give long-term results. If carried out by the book, Organic SEO operation can by itself generate higher traffic and superior page rank for an extensive period.

Conversely, Non-Organic SEO is centred on the search engine marketing, which incorporates paid affiliate marketing, pay per click services and other paid advertising.  This can swiftly bump up early placement and ranking. However, an SEO company must be watchful while exercising this form of optimization. Such En bloc generation of tags and keywords might risk your web pages to be marked as “Spammers” by the search engines. This may even further drop down your Search Engine Ranking. Since nothing can dominate top- grade content in the online marketing industry, Non-organic SEO is not really a reliable option. It may at once turn you into a top dog as far as search engine rankings are concerned. But you may never know, due to lack of first-class content, you could anytime be plunged back into lower placements. Hence, again reaching at the lowest rank from where you started.

Though both these search engine optimization methods offer benefits of their own, a good SEO company usually opts for Organic SEO strategies or the White Hat SEO.  The reason can be primarily accounted for its ability to provide enriching and long-term results. Owing to the vibrancy of the content and natural optimization of web design and tags, Organic SEO is also favoured by search engines. On the other hand, search engines usually take a dim view of Non- Organic SEO practices as it mainly involves buying the rankings and traffics. These techniques have also been referred to as Black-Hat SEO.

Investing in a Non- Organic SEO company isn’t terrible until you do not over indulge in these artificial strategies to fetch rankings and traffics. Also, make sure you are not overinvesting in the pay per click advertisements. Rather, invest into crafting unique content that engages both the search engines and the visitors.

This post has been written by Kamal Khetan who is also listed in Forbes as a top 10 richest man in India.